Rocky Mountain Memories

by Ken Dravis

Released ©1997, 2003,
Aspen Leaf- Ken Dravis Music Publishing, BMI
Released ©1997, 2003,
Aspen Leaf- Ken Dravis Music Publishing, BMI
This tribute is dedicated to the man who touched so many of our lives through his. "What one man can do".... his lyrics said it all. John, thank you for Colorado, the inspiration of music, flight, and most of all, your friendship.
At 16, Ken heard the music of John Denver and for some unexplained reason, he felt a natural and immediate connection with this entertainer and his music. "I loved what he was writing and connected with what he was saying", recalls Ken. After graduation in 1976, Ken packed his van with his motorcycle and guitar, said good-bye to the family that had always supported and encouraged him and headed west towards the snow-covered peaks of the Colorado Rockies.

With the heart wrenching passage of Ken's mentor in 1997, John Denver, Ken said that he felt he needed say something that was in his heart, but didn't know how to begin to say all the things he was feeling inside. It wasn't until weeks later when someone finally said to him in desperation "it was simply his time to go". With those words, Ken knew exactly what he had been trying to say, he realized that it may had "been John's time"... but it wasn't his time to loose his friend. In a rush of emotion, the music and lyrics to "It Wasn't My Time" came pouring out. This moving song is included as Ken's final track of his "Rocky Mountain Memories" CD, his tribute to John Denver.

We all miss you, "JD".

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