Ken Dravis - Vocals, Guitars, Songwriter

In 2015, my long held vision of "Eagle River" came together. While working one day in the studio with vocalist/songwriter, Susan Brennan, we were discussing the music of John Denver and our mutual respect and feelings of the role John's songs played during our lives.

At 16, I heard “Annie’s Song” on the radio. Instantly, I found a connection with John's music as I loved what he was writing and saying.

After high school in NJ, I headed west to the Colorado Rockies. Within days, I was performing in nightclubs in Colorado Springs which lead me into the Aspen area for the next few years.

At the age of 20, I had the opportunity to meet John & Annie Denver, being hired in a security position where he lived.

For the next two years I continued to work on the songs which I was writing before bringing my music to John.

During one fateful afternoon in John's back yard, we had quite a talk and one I will never forget.

I remain humbled & honored that John even took the time to listen, critique and encourage to what I was saying through my music.

Still sincerely humbled, "Eagle River" is primarily a John Denver tribute band comprised of 5 other musicians & vocalists and best of all... I'm so proud to know these folks as my friends. I enjoy working with these friends more than I can begin to say.



Allison Kitto - Co-Band Director, Fiddle, Mandolin, guitar, piano, harmonica, Native American Flute

Allison Kitto, violinist and mandolin player, is a Western Colorado native with a passion for all things outdoorsy.  She teaches strings at her studio in Kannah Creek and is a mentor of the Valley Youth Symphony in Delta Colorado. 

Her interest in music, from Beethoven to bluegrass, has led to numerous adventures with many amazing artists.

After twenty five years with the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra, Allison retired to pursue additional orchestral and solo playing.

She is currently a member of the Valley Symphony Orchestra, country gospel band, Southwater, and her family band, Homestead Rhythm.

Allison and her husband Charles enjoy Christian ministry, tandem cycling, and camping in the gorgeous Colorado outdoors.


Bill Schneider - Acoustic String Bass

I grew up in Denver and started playing string bass when I was 10 years old. My parents were determined to have me take lessons from some well known and respected teachers in the area at that time (1960-65).

I graduated from Gunnison and moved to Vail in the mid 70's. The music of John Denver was huge then and living in the high country, many of his songs spoke to me directly. 

I've continued with my bass through the years and have played many types of music in some amazing places with some very interesting people. I also enjoy strumming a guitar and singing. (I love old country music).

Performing with Ken & Eagle River is not only great fun but I am also learning much from these outstanding professionals.

Cherry Odelberg - Piano & Vocals

If there is anything that comes close to matching Cherry’s passion for music and love for her piano, it is the Colorado Rocky Mountain High that comes from hiking Colorado’s higher elevations.

She has been raising young musicians for the past 46 years having begun teaching piano at the age of 15.  Cherry has directed numerous children’s choirs and bands. She considers her main contribution to the music world to be her three grown children – all of whom are working musicians.  She connected with Eagle River via a text from her oldest son. For Cherry, the icing on the Eagle River cake is a chance to renew acquaintance with Ken Dravis in whose studio she recorded song demos in, um, 1984. 

Joe Talucci - Percussion

The newest member of “Eagle River”, Joe is a Philadelphia native and has become a good friend and he’s a natural fit to the band. Joe is no stranger to the music of John Denver growing up with the music of this legend. Joe has played in numerous bands and is the performing drummer for the band, “Soul Habit” and recording percussionist for the “Hope Kings” contemporary Christian band.


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